This Week's First Question

What Cuban born actress and model hosted America's Funniest Home Videos for two seasons in the late 1990s?
Answer: Daisy Fuentes

This Quarters Qualifying Teams 

Miami $1000

ARKHAM ASYLUM ALUMNI, BETTY WHITES PEARL NECKLACE, Family Affair, Fo' Shizzle, My Quizzle, In One Ear and Out Your Mother, J A Happ is a PussyLast Call at Jonestown, Marji's 401K, Margo, My Bed Pulls Out But I Don't, The Chronics, The Dude Abides, The Red Wedding Crashers, Thundercats, We Need a Bigger Table, 

Salt Lake City $500

Assholes by Society, Corner Pigs, Ex Post Factorial, Fall Line, Gills Gone Wild, Los Cuatro Taquitos, Questionable Academic Judgement, The Staff Infection, We Suck, Zoo Crew

Sarasota $100

Bruce & the Hand Sisters, Take 5, Those Guys, WE ARE USING OUR CELLPHONES, Stack’d, Letter 0, Ranch Ryders, Splashing Blumpkins, Apple Pi Jackson, I've Been Wobbed

Tallahassee $500

???s, Empire Strikes Back, I Bent My Wookie, Legends of the Hidden Temple of Doom, Magicians' AllianceNice Girls Finish Last, Off Their Rocker, Pickles in Hot Sauce, Stormageddon!, Tea Partiers


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