After filling out the app below, please take a moment and call this phone number (678) 310-5050. You will get a recording. Please take just a few seconds to tell us a little bit about yourself. Please start out with your name and the city that you live in. Because this job requires public speaking, we want to know that you can speak!


Not calling this number WILL disqualify your application.


We are not looking for "radio voices". We simply want people that can speak confidently and clear.


Do not apply for this job if you are moving within 6 months unless you're in a college town. If you're having trouble submitting the app, change to a browser that is NOT Internet Explorer.


Do Not apply for this job if you are just bored and seeing what's on Craigslist. We call way to many people that never follow through with training. We only want people who are able to work at least 2 hours a night each week. You will be working in a bar.


If you don't have a Facebook page, put in the field. Chances are, we will not be calling you if you don't have a Facebook page UNLESS you are in an area of great need for a trivia host OR your voice mail blows us away. Social media plays a big part in how we promote our trivia nights so not having one doesn't help.

Do not apply if:

Your are drunk right now. Wait till the morning and then think about it.

You have little intention of watching a 30 minute training video and then going to 3 training events, all before receiving your first pay check. 

You will be moving in the next 6 months. 

Important Info

Our first line of communication with you will be through email. Make sure you check your email.

If you don't hear from us within 60 days of applying, apply again. We can only hire people in locations which there is a need. We may not have a need in your area today, but may in two months from now. 

Like our Facebook page to gain some knowledge on how our company works.

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Not Do not type just your name. We want your actual Facebook URL that comes in your web browsers address line. Don't worry about your party pics, and other dumb decisions that you made and shared with the world. It's ok, we have them too. We just want to make sure you're a real person that is social and not some crazy cat lady. Here is an example of what we are looking for . This is the owner of The Trivia Factory.