Founded in Atlanta by Mike Driscoll in 2001, The Trivia Factory now offers trivia and bingo nights in over 90 venues across 15 states. 

The Factory Formula, or format, is simple:  24 questions on a variety of topics as well as a visual handout round played in under two hours. The final round is a four-question bonus round in which teams can wager as many points as they dare in a chance to come back from behind. 

While most trivia nights play a song between each question as filler, The Trivia Factory awards a point for the correct artist and the song serves as a hint for each question.

In addition to general knowledge trivia, The Trivia Factory also hosts "Adult Trivia" which is the same game with a rated R, occasionally NC-17, bent as well as Bingo Nights.

Winning teams can count on gift certificates at sponsoring bars and restaurants.

The Trivia Factory is available for private parties and corporate events. Please contact events@thetriviafactory.com or info@thetriviafactory.com for more info.