Thanks for your interest in hosting for The Trivia Factory!  We are always looking for hosts with a quick wit and can read questions with authority to a roomful of strangers, drunks, and strange drunks.

Can you handle the high society lifestyle and doting fan base that comes with hosting trivia?  If so please scroll down to fill out the application.  

But before you apply, please humor us and do NOT apply if:

You plan to relocate within the next year.

You do not have a laptop, internet access, and access to a printer.

You are drunk right now.

Prior performance experience is a plus but not a requirement.  Having played our show is a plus but not a requirement.  If you live in a city where The Trivia Factory runs shows do yourself a favor and check one (or 3 ) out before you apply.  You'll be able to see what you are getting yourself in to, and if it's something you want to get yourself in to.