Quiz For a Cause is Geeks Who Drink and The Trivia Factory'’s standing offer to nonprofits to use our show as a tool for fundraising and community outreach. Our rate is a recession proof: $0.00. In addition to raising funds, nonprofits will have the opportunity to distribute literature and educate people about their mission, both at the event itself and through Geeks Who Drink's website, email list and social media network.

How do we raise the money? It's simple: quiz participants pay an entry fee, usually $5 or $10, that is determined in advance by the nonprofit. One entry fee per team goes into a cash purse for the winners; the rest goes to the cause at hand.

Some hypothetical math: say there's 20 teams of six players, each paying $10 a head; that's $1200. Of that, $200 goes to the winning team and the rest to the cause. It's not USA for Africa, but keep in mind that many of our venues hold considerably more than 20 teams and... it's a lot of fun, and no Kenny Loggins solos are required! Some of our more savvy nonprofits have even gotten matching grants from institutional donors to help make the fundraiser that much better.

Check out our full schedule here: QFAC Schedule

Our conditions are simple:

  • Quiz For a Cause must be held at a regularly scheduled Trivia Factory or Geeks Who Drink quiz venue. We will accommodate venue requests when possible, but the ultimate decision is ours. Please see our weekly schedule for where and when we quiz.

  • The content of the Quiz is the regular material for that evening. We cannot provide special content. Should you wish to have an event with custom content, please look at our Private Events.

  • The participating nonprofit must commit to bringing at least 25 people to the event; otherwise it's just kind of embarrassing

  • The participating nonprofit must provide a staff member to collect entry fees, distribute the winnings and, if necessary, assist our quizmaster in scoring.

  • The nonprofit must also provide some literature about the nature of the Quiz For a Cause, explaining to players why they should pay for a quiz they normally play for free.

  • Players who do not wish to pay an entry fee must be allowed to play the quiz, though they will not be eligible to win the cash purse.

  • The Trivia Factory is NOT responsible for promoting the event, though we will certainly assist to a reasonable extent.

  • We're happy to work with religious groups who raise money for non-denominational and non-political causes. However, we're not able to run a Quiz For a Cause if the money goes to fund any group affiliated with a religion like a church, school or club (including atheists).

  • And that's all you need to know. If it's not, please contact qfac@thetriviafactory.com or call 303-532-4737 ext. 821.


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